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Buying Online with PayPal
How the service works

PayPal is a free service that allows you to send money instantly and securely to anyone in the U.S. with an email address using the money from your bank account, credit card, or your PayPal balance. PayPal is also available to people in many countries. You may also use PayPal on your web-enabled cell phone. Recipients are notified by email that they have received a payment. Unlike checks, which can take days to clear, PayPal transactions clear instantly.



Once you are signed up, the service is very easy to use. The tricky part is signing up, so here I am providing an overview of the signup process.

Overview of the PayPal registration process
1) Quick 1-page Signup
Quick 1-page signup screenshot
To begin, you complete a 1-page signup form. It asks for your name, address, and email.

You will need to create a unique password and security question to protect your account.

PayPal's privacy policy is available here
2) Email verification
You will receive an email to confirm that your email address is valid. You must respond to this to complete the sign-up process.
3) Activate your account
When you get to your Account page, you will see an "Activate Account" menu on the left.
IMPORTANT: you must enter your bank account or credit card to activate your PayPal account and be able to make purchases online with PayPal.
4) Enter bank account

Add credit card screenshot
By entering your bank account information, you will be able to use PayPal to pay by check online. The information you provide is what is printed on your checks.
5) Enter credit card
Add credit card screenshot
Likewise, entering your credit card info will allow you to use your credit card to buy online.
That's it! Once you have completed the signup process and have activated your account, as shown above, you will be able to send money instantly and securely using the funding source(s) you have established.

Sign up for PayPal
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